Roll-to-roll (R2R) printing

Roll-to-roll (R2R) printing

Roll-to-roll (R2R) printing is a modern technology based on moving rolls. This is a great solution to get top-quality products, namely:
  • IML (in-mold label);
  • Wrap-around label or flexible packaging;
  • Tube laminate;
  • Self-adhesive labels.

Peshta owns a number of R2R printers for seamless label printing for your business.

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Data Matrix Code

Data Matrix Code

Data Matrix is a special labeling code on packaging. Under the Russian Federation laws, this code is mandatory for the following commodities:
  • Medicines;
  • Tobacco;
  • Footwear;
  • Perfume & eau de toilette;
  • Cameras and flash lamps;
  • Wheels & tires;
  • Clothing;
  • Ice cream & cheese;
  • Wheelchairs.

Peshta is accredited in Chestny ZNAK state track & trace system and has custom facilities for Data Matrix Barcode printing.

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Flat printing

Flat printing

Flat printing -is a technology of printing on sheets. Flat printing can be chosen for:
  • Business cards, flyers, leaflets, brochures;
  • POS materials;
  • Catalogs, corporate introductory books, presentations, menus;
  • Calendars;
  • Packaging, tags, labels, inserts, paper bags, price tags;
  • Diaries, notebooks, branded folders;
  • Postcards, certificates, invitations.
  • Etc.
Peshta's fleet includes offset and digital printing equipment to tackle any customer issues with printed matter.

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We produce high-quality turnkey packaging to ensure your product integrity and meet your marketing targets. Choose any of the following types of packaging::
  • Paper (carton) boxes:
  • PET boxes;
  • Cosmetic jars.

Our passion is packaging: from design and shape development to shipment and delivery to customers.

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Roll-to-roll (R2R) printing
Data Matrix Code
Flat printing
We deliver excellence and exceed expectations thanks to our fundamental values: versatility, quality control and technology.


Our hands-on experience and expertise help us to offer versatile products. Thus, we offer the best and convenient option that fully meets your requirements.
  • IML

    This is a modern versatile label based on the injection molding technology. IML or in-mold label boasts a number of pros:

    • Withstands variable temperature and humidity. This property prevents the label from warping, cracking and deformation caused by low temperatures. That is why it ticks all the boxes for products that require freezing;
    • IML makes packaging walls thicker aka stronger. This helps reduce handling and warehousing losses.;
    • Bright IML with clear print of the tiniest details is eye-catching on the shelf to make your product stand out among peers.

  • Self-adhesive label

    This label features a substrate, an adhesive layer and sealable surface. Self-adhesive labels boast a number of pros:

    • One of the cheapest options. Yet, self-adhesive labelers are quite affordable versus other machines. Thus, choosing self-adhesive labels, you save twice;
    • High adhesion capacity is ensured by prompt adjustment of the production line if switched to a new type or size of labels. Increasing your output, you cut costs and boost profits;
    • Self-adhesive labels are attached firmly as the sticky layer does not dry out and remains viscous.

    Self-adhesive label
  • Wrap-around label

    This is a PP label attached around packaging. A wrap-around label is often chosen as an inexpensive alternative to self-adhesive labels. In addition, wrap-around labels boast a number of pros::

    • More space for information. This opens up great marketing opportunities for brands, because after all the necessary details are included, there is still much space for design;
    • Wrap-around labels are moisture-proof and do not get wet or warp from temperature variations and do not tear during transportation. Wrap-around labels tick all the boxes for brands producing mineral, sweet and carbonated water;
    • Light, flexible and yielding, wrap-around labels are less expensive to transport.

    Wrap-around label
  • Tube laminate

    It is a multi-component non-absorbent material used for tubes. Its features:

    • High barrier properties. They prevent vital components from evaporation and form a barrier to protect the tube contents from harmful external substances and air. Due to this, your product does not deteriorate;
    • Laminate has no "memory effect", thus, it preserves the aesthetic look of your product, even if it has been subject to mechanical impacts during transportation or storage;
    • Tube laminate will make your product stand out on the shelf. It features high-resolution images and an accurate combination of colors. In other words, the image on laminate will look brighter and clearer than on other materials.

    Tube laminate

    Quality control

    Stage 1

    Incoming inspection. The roll is visually inspected for damage.

    Stage 2

    Before start, the roll is re-inspected. The upper layers are removed, approx. 10-15 m, to identify any defects.

    Stage 3

    The adjustment is followed by screening for in-process print defects. Only after the above mentioned checks, the whole batch is printed finally.

    Stage 4

    When printing is started, the quality is monitored by AVT Helios system, which compares prints with the reference sample in real time and flags the slightest inconsistencies.

    Stage 5

    For better quality control, printing operators closely monitor the process and take control samples from each roll to ensure compliance with the reference sample.


    We are committed to mastering new technology, adopting innovations, expanding our fleet to ensure utmost quality. The continuous upgrade helps us to make products of any complexity with fast turnaround

    Flexo printing

    Flexo printing helps us to print large batches at high speed (up to 175 m/s) without quality loss. Choose this technology to get finished printed matter in the shortest time.

    Alternate code

    Alternate printer code technology helps to apply Data Matrix, QR codes and other types of labeling. Codes are printed on the same printing line. Thus, there is no need to purchase a printer, labeler and hire new staff, which translates into substantial savings.

    QC system

    AVT Helios QC system identifies any print deviations in real time and generates warnings. This significantly reduces wastage. Therefore, in the end, you get a top-quality product.


    CtP is a plate-making technology for own production of printing plates instead of purchasing finished plates. This technology not only ensures faster turnaround, but also saves costs of packaging and label printing.

    COLOR center

    COLOR center is our own unit for making paint blends. It ensures flexibility, fast color correction, and exact customized colors.

    Digital printing

    Digital printing saves time and materials at the pre-printing stage. It also requires no printing plates, which enhances printing. Digital printing ticks all the boxes for small batches, offering significant savings.

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