Cut your production costs and boost sales by choosing the innovative IML (in-mold label) technology!

  • Compliance with Walt Disney standards
  • Strict SLA parameters for quality & lead time
  • Prompt delivery to any regions of Russia & CIS
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The first
IML technology in Russia.

we have the most extensive
Cut your production costs and boost sales by choosing the innovative IML (in-mold label) technology!

How the look of packaging with IML
(in-mold label) affects
customer choice:

purchase a new item because they like the packaging
buy an item again due to packaging
purchased another brand product because of new packaging
business owners report about growing profits due to better packaging
*According to analytical research by WestRock and Packing Matters Pulse

What is IML?

This means an in-mold label made using injection-molding technology. As a result of injection molding, it forms one whole unit with the packaging material. The IML label does not deform or fade, it is resistant to moisture and mechanical impacts during transportation, storage and shelf display.

Today it is one of top-of-the-line, usable and versatile types of in-mold labels.
Any shapes
& colors
With inscriptions
& images
For square,
& oval shapes

Pros of IML labels

High quality

High quality

Clear, bright, vibrant and true-to-life high resolution images thanks to high-quality offset printing.
Workable & healthy

Workable & healthy

IML labels are resistant to temperature and humidity variations, do not crack/deform/get wet or scratched/fade.
Eco friendly

Eco friendly

The packaging and IML labels are made of compatible materials and are fully recyclable. New horizons for marketing and improved customer loyalty due to zero waste concept.
Ample options

Ample options

The same packaging can feature different materials and paints.

Pros of in-mold labels for brand owners

Stylish, bright packaging of your product will catch customer attention and stand out on the shelf.
Redesign results in almost no production losses — it is enough to replace the old label with a new one when shaping packaging with new in-mold labels.
Fewer costs of labeling as it is integrated in the process of package manufacturing. This is also true for matrix codes mandatory for some commodities.
The sophisticated IML technology is usually owned by respectable and reputed companies — they will not engage in counterfeit production.
In-mold labels make packaging walls and lid stronger, creating a "carcass" against external impacts. This helps to reduce losses during transportation, warehousing and storage, as well as make filling quicker.
We take sole control of label manufacturing processes and coordinate the parameters between package manufacturers and mold operators, as well as keep an eye on appropriate quality.
The production based in Russia and compliant with the European quality standards eliminates any currency and logistics risks, guarantees just-in-time delivery.

Learn more about IML

years on the market
№1 in Russia
we pioneered the sophisticated IML technology in Russia
150 mln
in-mold labels annually
2 500 m2
production site
Top 100
biggest printing companies of the Russian Federation and CIS

Labels that highlight the exclusivity of your product

Through testing, we adapt IML printing to your business and product
Этикетки, подчеркивающие исключительность вашего продукта
  • Personal expert-level consultation;
  • We will select the best solution for your specific needs;
  • Free of charge customer file review;
  • Customized file design or professional finalization;
  • Customized selection of materials;
  • Coordination of color proofs and approval of references;
  • First trial batch;
  • Tests & follow-up control;
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Our cases

In-mold labels are used in the food industry, for pharmaceuticals, construction materials, fertilizers, household and garden goods.
Why big manufacturers choose in-mold labels made by PESHTA
European quality & production standards:
European quality & production standards:
  • We invest in innovative facilities;
  • We invite European coaches for professional training and upskilling of our staff;
  • Premium consumables;
  • Regular audits & inspections;
  • End-to-end quality control;
  • Your personal manager;
  • Customization;
  • Shipments to large warehouses;
  • Your "personal account" for storing samples, stamps, designs, color proofs;
  • Seamless technical & process support;
European quality & production standards:

How we work

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    We immediately transfer your request to the sales department manager.

  • Clarification of details

    Our manager contacts you within 30 minutes and clarifies all the details of production, product and your order. End-to-end process support & consulting.

  • Testing

    We run small-batch tests to demonstrate the quality of materials and printing, how labels behave when mold in packaging and during product filling.

  • Our commercial offer

    You get a cooperation offer that suits you and your customers best.

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